ATV Bucket Buddy

Competing ATV carrier devices can cost up to four times as much as the Bucket Buddy. Our carrier systems are less cumbersome, easily installed and professionally designed to offer you an attractive product at a much lower price. The Bucket Buddy is available in a black or camouflaged finish and can be purchased by calling (989) 375-2251.

The ATV Bucket Buddy allows a five gallon bucket (or two five gallon buckets in the case of the Double Bucket Buddy) to be carried along with ease by a rack-equipped four wheeler. The bucket carrier mounts securely to almost any ATV rack, whether single-tube or double-tube. An adapter may be required in some cases and kits are available for purchase. The Bucket Buddy is ideal for farmers, hunters, fishermen and landscapers - anyone who could use the added convenience of extra hauling capability in their ATV. You will be able to accomplish much more without having to make extra trips for bait, feed or equipment.

Single and Double Bucket Buddy

The Bucket Buddy is all-steel constructed and can be purchased in black or camouflage finish. If a single five gallon bucket isn't enough, maybe our double bucket carrier is right for you.

Bucket Buddy Adapter Kits

Adapter Plate Kit Universal Tube Bar Kit